You only get one shot to make a memorable first impression. This applies to all areas of life, but especially when it comes to consumers and your website.

Despite what your mamma’ told you, people will judge a book by its cover, particularly when it comes to a website’s design, layout and functionality.

This fact is unfortunate for brand’s still relying on that design they had custom-built back in 2011.

One of the single most important website design elements isn’t necessarily beauty, but it’s the ability of a design to entice consumers to take action. Also known as Conversion Optimized Design. 

So how can a web design be both appealing to the target audience and still function efficiently? Well, it’s not easy to match brain with brawn, but it can seem easier with these 5 examples of websites with great design and functionality.

Conversion Optimized Design


One of the biggest names in the file hosting industry, Dropbox’s simplistic design teaches us a lot. This design can be accurately depicted as the epitome of a website that exudes minimalism.

No matter where you navigate to on Dropbox, you probably won’t find a page containing any clutter. Elimination of clutter means less information the consumer is forced to take in an examine before coming to a conclusion on whether or not to take action.

With this said, web designs taking the minimalist route need to be very strategic in placing call to actions. You don’t want to make visitors sift through every finely placed detail to find where they’re supposed to go next.

Better Performing Website


Freshbooks’ homepage is bold but still easy to consume. What really stands out is the size of the homepage, which is somewhat lengthy and on the verge of becoming a story. It’s not generally advised to use such a long-winding homepage, but if you do, you need to make it incredibly easy for user’s to scroll down and read–which is what Freshbook has done.


The homepage also makes excellent use of contrasting colors with a light bold blue background, white lettering, and a green call to action button that stands out but matches the logo. The main call to action makes it very apparent on what they want visitors to do (sign up for a 30 day free trial) and support it with images of smiling faces to give the accounting topic a more humanized feel.


KissMetrics sells analytic software for marketers. One of the most standout elements to KissMetrics’ homepage design is the empty ‘Your Website URL’ box containing an already-ticking cursor. The person doesn’t even need to click on anything! Even if it is just a clicking cursor, it’s an enticing offer.

The opt-in box immediately takes visitors to a sign-up form where they then unknowingly enter KissMetrics’ sales funnel. A few other notable features are the use of a single powerful testimonial, a visual display of what percentage of customers succeed with the software, and the simple use of colors: blue, black and white.

KissMetrics’ design can be summed up in three words: simple, bold, powerful.

Better Performing Website

4 Rivers Smokehouse

This website has the ability to make anyone with a taste bud drool. In a good way. 4 Rivers Smokehouse’s excellent use of photography and visuals are what make this web design really stand out from the rest.

Combine the clean logo with the headline “Brisket. 18 Years to Master. Yours to Savor.” makes this sound like a company worth experiencing. A ‘see the menu’ call to action is conveniently snuggled underneath.

Scrolling down their homepage anyone is able to know what services they offer and the food they serve. Couple this with images of customers having a good time and the only downside you’ll find is that you don’t live close enough.

Conversion Optimized Design


Project management software never felt so simple. Flow’s homepage headline, sub-headline and call to action are all easily dissected within this simple design. Images blend in neatly with the white background while the bold blue mid-section makes it easy to understand exactly what Flow is and the benefits of using it.

A few big name companies are right beneath the fold while the creative use of emoji’s makes Flow seem like a very appealing offer. The call to action button stands out but matches the overall tone while the navigation bar is incredibly simplistic, containing only three paths for visitors to take.

Creating a design that combines the both power of functionality with the prowess of design is no easy feat. And while it’s not a good idea to directly copy any of the examples above, you can take their design strengths and apply them to your own brand’s website design.

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