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Author: Launch Tower

Using Growth Driven Design to Generate More Leads

When companies think of a website redesign, they often think of taking time off from their traditional marketing strategies to focus solely on the website.  They take educated guesses at the way the website should be set up, hire someone cheap and add recent accolades and experience in their industry. However, the market is constantly shifting.  The needs of the consumers are changing more often than every two or three years. Growth Driven Design is the process of web design that coincides with marketing.  Instead of a three-month focus on site redesign every couple of years, many companies are...

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The Holy Trinity of Survival Marketing

In Christendom what you believe about the Holy Trinity (You know… God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) is a pretty big deal. For Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans and most other Protestants a valid baptism must include the words “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Depending on your theology, religion or whatever floats your boat, having a valid baptism could be the difference between heaven and hell. If you’re bored or offended by my Wikipedia sourced theology lesson, don’t worry. It’s over. Today I’m talking about a different type of trinity,...

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The All-Important Buyers Journey, and Why Marketing Matters in Reaching the Goal

Too often, marketing is constructed from the insight out: you have a great idea, so you begin to see where it could fit in your strategy and implement it. But in reality, your marketing should be a reflection of what your potential customers are looking for most. If you don’t understand the behavior and thought process of your audience, you are going to find it difficult to develop a marketing strategy that solves their need and turns them into profitable customers. Enter the buyer’s journey.   The 3 Basic Stages of the Buyer’s Journey The buyer’s journey describes the...

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