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Author: Launch Tower

Understand The PPC Basics Before Hiring a PPC Consultant

In short, Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the most reliable ways to quickly send targeted traffic to any web page. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be so effective that some companies use it as their primary online marketing channel. But even with this said, there is a significant amount of inherent risk in PPC advertising. Targeting the wrong keywords, bidding too high on the wrong terms and a poor PPC management strategy can mean the difference between generating highly qualified leads who can help build your business and losing every invested penny. That’s why we almost always advise...

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Marketing Matters: Core Funnel Optimization Tips that Every Business Owner Should Know

It’s no longer enough to simply direct traffic to your website and hope that it generates new business. You need to focus on converting those visitors into leads. The best way to generate more leads with your current traffic is to take a look at your lead generation funnel, find the weak points and focus on how you can predictably increase the number of leads as well as the quality of leads coming in. Web users are more ready to click the back button than ever before. If your site isn’t up to snuff they will check out your...

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Marketing Matters: How to Use Native Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing

At its core, and from a user’s perspective, inbound marketing is a relatively linear process. They see find your website via social media or Google search, fill out a signup form, and are slowly nurtured to become a customer. This process is both effective and successful, as a wide variety of statistics readily prove. But if you think about it, that process also takes effort on your user’s side. Particularly if they become aware of your business on social media, they have to click a link that has them leave the network, then navigate to the right form on your website to become a lead. Particularly on a mobile device, these multiple steps (not to mention the app-to-browser transition) can be too much for some users. That’s where many inbound marketers lose leads. Users may be interested in your product, but not quite enough to make the leap from one medium to another just to declare their interest. And that’s exactly where native lead generation comes into play. What is Native Lead Generation? Realizing the success potential of removing a step for users who might become leads, social networks have begun to implement ways for businesses to generate leads right on their platform. Of course, offering this type of lead generation is at least partially self-serving for the different social networks. By offering sign up forms on their network,...

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Marketing Matters: Examining the Possibilities of Ad Retargeting

Wouldn’t it be great if you could target your digital advertising efforts specifically toward an audience you know to be interested in your company? Well, I have some good news, you can do exactly that. Ad retargeting is a powerful tool that, used correctly, can maximize the effectiveness of your digital advertising budget.   What is Ad Retargeting? At its core, the concept is relatively simple: it’s an ad targeting method that allows you to show ads only to users who have visited your website in the recent past. By placing a few lines of code (generally referred to...

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The All-Important Buyers Journey, and Why Marketing Matters in Reaching the Goal

Too often, marketing is constructed from the insight out: you have a great idea, so you begin to see where it could fit in your strategy and implement it. But in reality, your marketing should be a reflection of what your potential customers are looking for most. If you don’t understand the behavior and thought process of your audience, you are going to find it difficult to develop a marketing strategy that solves their need and turns them into profitable customers. Enter the buyer’s journey.   THE 3 BASIC STAGES OF THE BUYER’S JOURNEY The buyer’s journey describes the...

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