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Author: Launch Tower

3 Steps For Producing A Better Marketing Qualified Lead

  Marketing is an important means of generating brand awareness and driving your target audience toward your website. But its job doesn’t end there; ideally, your marketing should also ensure that once your customers become leads, they are slowly nudged toward becoming customers and are fully qualified / educated before ever speaking with your sales team. LEAD QUALIFICATION There are two primary qualification levels for any lead: marketing and sales. The first refers to leads who have shown enough interest to engage with one of your marketing campaigns. These are the leads your inbound or outbound marketing campaigns have...

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5 Websites Using Conversion Optimized Design That You Can Emulate For A Better Performing Website

You only get one shot to make a memorable first impression. This applies to all areas of life, but especially when it comes to consumers and your website. Despite what your mamma’ told you, people will judge a book by its cover, particularly when it comes to a website’s design, layout and functionality. This fact is unfortunate for brand’s still relying on that design they had custom-built back in 2011. One of the single most important website design elements isn’t necessarily beauty, but it’s the ability of a design to entice consumers to take action. Also known as Conversion Optimized Design.  So how can a web design be both appealing to the target audience and still function efficiently? Well, it’s not easy to match brain with brawn, but it can seem easier with these 5 examples of websites with great design and functionality. Dropbox One of the biggest names in the file hosting industry, Dropbox’s simplistic design teaches us a lot. This design can be accurately depicted as the epitome of a website that exudes minimalism. No matter where you navigate to on Dropbox, you probably won’t find a page containing any clutter. Elimination of clutter means less information the consumer is forced to take in an examine before coming to a conclusion on whether or not to take action. With this said, web designs taking the minimalist route...

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Understanding the Intricacies of LinkedIn to Optimize Your B2B Marketing Strategy

In a recent blog post, we discussed just how crucial LinkedIn can be to your B2B social media marketing success. Because of an ideal audience overlap, as well as the business mindset in which professional users find themselves as they spend time on the platform, LinkedIn is widely considered the best social media network for generating B2B leads. But how hard is to get to that point? As a b2b marketing agency, we understand better than most what it takes for our global marketing partners to achieve succses on Linkedin.    Without a consistent strategy on the network, your results...

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4 Ways Website Analytics Can Improve b2b marketing strategy & Content Marketing ROI

Every single marketing channel your brand uses as part of its digital marketing strategy can be measured to improve overall marketing efforts. Everything from social media to emails to landing pages and individual web pages can be tracked with their corresponding numbers and metrics. The problem lies not in you being aware of this data, but in the fact that there’s so much data you have no idea what to do with it! But no worries, even the most veteran of content marketer’s are susceptible to paralysis by analysis. The key is to finding out which metrics are most...

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How to Apply the SCRUM Methodology to Online Marketing

Your online marketing strategy is important to running and maintaining your business, but are you optimizing its efficiency as much as you do in other departments? When it comes to applying an agile philosophy to your company, don’t overlook your online marketing department. Here’s our tips for successfully applying the SCRUM methodology to your online marketing team. What is Scrum? Originally created for software development projects, the methodology behind scrum is applicable to many industries and teams. Scrum is essentially a framework to organize teams for quicker performance and greater creativity. With a small team, you set up “sprints,”...

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