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Author: Launch Tower

4 Common B2B Lead Scoring Mistakes

We all know how a well-designed lead scoring system has the ability to be a key contributor in speeding up the process through which it takes to convert marketing qualified leads into more opportunities, sales and profit. At the opposite end of the spectrum lies a poorly designed lead scoring system. The result is that good leads get ignored, sales and marketing teams become disjointed, and, in the end, it causes your inbound marketing ROI to suffer. Lead scoring is a critical component in making sure your company gets the most benefits from automating and investing in inbound marketing strategies and technologies. With this said, here are four lead scoring mistakes commonly made by B2B brands who jump into the lead scoring process too fast. Mistake #1 – No Value Difference Between Demographics and Behavior Demographic scores should be used as a way to determine how interested you are in potential prospects, while behavioral scores gauge how interested that prospect is in your brand. By combining demographics with behavior traits, it becomes nearly impossible to distinguish the high level CEO who has zero interest in your solution from the lower-end marketing associate who has an extremely high interest in what your brand offers. Creating distinctly separate attributes for your prospects demographics and exhibited behavior makes it easier to provide more laser-targeted and relevant data to the sales team. Never combine...

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4 Optimization Tweaks for A Better Landing Page

Landing pages are extremely effective. They improve conversions, help with traffic, generate targeted leads and are the perfect tool to add to any brand’s inbound marketing arsenal. A landing page’s main purpose is to entice people to take action. For this reason alone, it’s important to continuously optimize landing pages for optimal performance and to ensure you’re getting the most marketing qualified leads out of your advertising dollars. Even the slightest nonsensical mistake can cost you targeted customers and put a major dent in your advertising budget. A study by Wordstream revealed that the average monthly advertising budget for...

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3 Ways to Make Pay Per Click Marketing Matter In Your Inbound Approach

To many marketers, the concepts of inbound marketing and pay per click advertising are mutually exclusive. The latter is a traditional ‘push’ technique in which you showcase your product or brand to an audience even though they have not sought it out, while the latter seeks to combat the downfalls of this type of advertising through a more organic, interest-based approach. But in fact, both concepts can work well in concert. Used correctly, pay per click marketing matters, even if you have adopted an inbound approach. There’s countless online marketing courses that teach you how to make it work,...

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How A Better Performing Website Can Become Your Best Business Salesman

Businesses today often underestimate the power and potential of online marketing. A website can become your best business salesman. Inbound marketing channels such as search engine optimization and content marketing can drive targeted traffic to your website that is capable of converting to sales. With a well optimized page that’s intended to increase conversions, you could be utilizing this website traffic for leads and revenue. Websites today are not useful as simple brochures with a team of salesmen behind the scenes. Your website should become your salesman and do most of the persuading and lead nurturing for you. Focus...

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Examining the Possibilities (and Perils) of Pay Per Click Advertising

marketers discuss digital marketing possibilities, the topic will sooner or later turn to pay per click advertising. PPC, as it’s commonly referred to, has begun to dominate the paid marketing space on most websites, with companies like Google and Facebook at the forefront of offering businesses the opportunity to make their marketing matter and their budget to be spent effectively. Of course, success in PPC necessitates a knowledge of the concept, along with its advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading for an overview of pay per click advertising and how you can use it to help your marketing succeed. PPC...

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